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Russian Code Cup

The Russian Code Cup is the largest Russian competitive programming contest held under the aegis of Mail.Ru Group. It is a “race track” for the quickest minds, where you can test your skills competing against the strongest rivals and make a name for yourself in the IT world!

More than 12000 programmers
The best programmers from across Russia, but also from the USA, Germany and other European countries.
Advanced tasks
The complexity of tasks and task-solving speed is increasing year to year.
Maximum concentration is required in order to show a good result.
Deserved reward
Ten winners will receive money prizes, the finalists - some gifts.
Two troublemakers Petya and Vasya are unbelievably bored in class. To have at least some kind of fun they have decided to test the teacher's patience. The level of the teacher's annoyance by the boys is expressed as a whole number “X”. Petya and Vasya are taking turns in playing small and bigger pranks. Petya does it first. After a little prank, the teacher's annoyance level increases onefold; after a big one – it doubles.

Hosted by Group
ITMO University

Mail.Ru Group is working on the development of Russian education in the IT field. The company organizes a series of competitions for young subject-matter specialists. The first of these competitions is the Russian Code Cup.

The tasks and technical part for the Russian Code Cup is provided by the experts from the National Research University of IT, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) headed by Andrey Stankevich.

Reach the finals

It all begins with three qualification rounds. To proceed to the elimination round one has to make it to Top 200 of any of the three qualification rounds. It is possible to participate in all three qualification rounds.

Get awarded

All qualified participants will receive a certificate stating that they belong to the 600 fastest programmers in Russia and CIS.

Top 200 contestants of the elimination round will receive T-shirts.

The top 25 programmers get awards and the best three win the top prizes: checks for large amounts of money.

const char* prizes(int level, int place = 0)
        case 0:                               // All qualified participants will receive
            return "certificate";             // a Russian Code Cup participant certificate.
        case 1:                               // 200 best elimination round participants
            return "t-shirt";                 // will receive t-shirts.
        case 2:
            if(place == 1)                    // The winners of the championship
                return "150,000 rub";         // will receive money prizes.
            else if(place == 2)
                return "100,000 rub";
            else if(place == 3)
                return "65,000 rub";
            else if(place <= 10)
                return "30,000 rub";
            else if(place <= 25)
                return "15,000 rub";
    return "";

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