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History of tries for the final round

UD «UD» — the task is in line for checking

OK «OK» — the task solution is correct

WA «Wrong Answer» — the answer is incorrect

TL «Time Limit Exceeded» — the program wasn't finished within the given time limits

CE «Compilation error» — compilation error

PE «Presentation Error» — display format is incorrect; the checking program wasn't able to check the program output

RE «Runtime Error» — the program finished with a nonzero response code

ML «Memory Limit Exceeded» — the program tries to use more memory than indicated in the problem

IL «Idleness Limit Exceeded» — the program isn't using a processor for more than 10 seconds

SV «Security Violation» — attempt to carry out a forbidden action

SE «Ошибка отправки» — failed to send the solution to the testing system

CR «CR» — the program finished with a nonzero response code

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