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Russian Code Cup — Eliminataion Round, Some News

Hi all!

During Elimination Round of Russian Code Cup 2017 we had a technical issue that caused almost all problem A solutions sent for evaluation from 5-th to 10-th minute of the contest be accepted.

We found that issue when it was already too late, so it wouldn't be fair to rejudge the solutions. However, we understand that this issue created unfair circumstances for other contestants, that could lose to those lucky ones that submitted in the described time frame.

We have rejudged all solutions after the round, and tried to simulate how could the contest proceed should they have been judged correctly. Of course, any simulation of this kind cannot be accurate, and there is no completely fair resolution. We have decided to do the following:

1) Increase the number of Final Round participants to 55. It gives partial compensation to those participants who could have qualified but failed to do so because of someone's incorrectly small penalty.

2) Increase number of t-shirts to 205. So all participants who have at least 3 accepted problems get our branded t-shirt.

Judges and the technical group of Russian Code Cup are sorry about the issue. We will do our best to avoid anything like that in future.

Good luck to all finalists in the Final Round that will take place in September 2017!

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